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Through this program you will be able to bring recently graduated young people who are looking to complete internships in their studies for 12 or 18 months in an American company. These young people are eager to learn about American culture and gain work experience.



You will be able to bridge the participant’s course of study to their career development objectives. Participants gain practical knowledge in their specialized fields, while American staff gain international cultural and business awareness. 

  • Interns offer valuable professional experience while sharing business practices from their home countries.

  • International Interns bring cultural diversity to your work environment creating a culture-sharing atmosphere and promoting global understanding.

  • DARGUI will screen all participants. All are highly skilled, motivated, focused and committed to their internship experience.

  • Interns are bilingual and professional, characteristics that will be very helpful.

  • Option to join DARGUI on an overseas hiring tour.


Our team is trained to guide you throughout the entire process with your applicants:

  1. We have a brief meeting to get to know each other and understand your requirement.

  2. We take note and publish your personnel requirement to our young applicants.

  3. We will send you our applicants resumes and you can choose who you would like to interview for your placements.

  4. We organize the interview with the applicants, whether virtual or in-person. 

  5. We coordinate and work on all the documentation of the applicants so that they can apply for the J1 Internship & Trainee Visa.

  6. We guide all applicants in the purchase of their air flights and we send you the information of their air flights so that you know the date on which they will arrive in your city.

  7. We provide support for any questions you may have during the time they will be working with you.

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HIRING process

Interviews with these young people could be:

Job Fair: If you have a request for 10 or more interns, we can organize a job fair, where you can travel to Peru to meet the applicants in person. Under this modality, Dargui invites you to Peru will cover the costs of air flights and hotel stay. The job fair will be held on a single day, preferably Sunday, where you can meet all the young people interested in your job positions.

Virtual Interview: If you are not available to travel to students home country to meet them, we can organize a virtual meeting for you where you can interview the applicants via the Zoom platform.

How the partnerships works:

Dargui’s Role

  • Provide on-the-ground, in-person recruiting in country. We meet and vet all potential participants for language skills and any professional skills.

  • Coordination through the duration of the program. Dargui has staff members based in both Peru and the US

  • Handle all paperwork, embassy appointments, and coordination with Department of State approved US-based sponsors

  • Coordinate arrivals, departures, and program orientation to give participants proper expectations of their programs.

Employer’s Role

  • Provide at least 32 hours, but ideally 40 hours, per week during the entirety of the program.

  • Recommend or suggest safe and affordable housing for participants. Participants will arrange their own housing.

  • Allow for meaningful work interactions alongside American workers during the program.

  • Embrace the cultural aspect of the program by organizing or identifying cultural events in the community or organizing events once per month. Examples include, sleigh rides, snow tubing, pancake breakfasts, movie nights, and more.


Is your business ready to benefit from the  Internship and Training program? Do you have questions about what the next steps are?


Fill out our basic form and an Employer Relations Manager will be in touch with you in 48 hours.

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